Meeting rooms


The library has four meeting rooms available for members of the community to reserve for their use. 


Guidelines for room use:

  1. Library programs take precedence over those programs of any other group.
  2. Organizations and individuals may use the meeting rooms to promote cultural, educational, civic and public informational meetings and activities.
  3. Children under age 18 must be supervised at all times.
  4. All meetings held at the library must be free of charge. Groups and individuals may not sell merchandise, fundraise, solicit for later sales contacts or placement of orders, or charge admission fees. Some exceptions do apply.
  5. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. 
  6. Due to volume of use, the Library will not accept more than two room reservations from an organization at one time. Exceptions will be considered where there is a significant need for advance planning by the organization wanting to make more than two reservations, AND there is a benefit to the Dyersville area community by allowing this exception. 
  7. Anyone who has a room reservation should check in at the circulation desk before going to the room. 
  8. Anyone wishing to use one of the rooms on a walk-in basis must check in at the circulation desk before going to the room. 
  9. The Library’s policy on Conduct in the Library also applies to use of the meeting room. Read the policy here.
  10. Persons interested in using the multimedia equipment available in any of the rooms should refer to the Multimedia Equipment Use Policy. Read the policy here.
  11. Only films that are covered by the JKPL Movie Public Performance License or that are in the public domain may be shown in the library facility.  Individuals or groups using the library’s equipment to view a movie must check with a library staff member to verify that the film is covered before playing.
  12. Use of tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping, or other similar products is not permitted in the building.
  13. Use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the rooms. Exceptions can be considered. 
  14.  The Library is not responsible for theft or damage of personal equipment or personal materials that are used or left in the meeting rooms.
  15. Anyone using a meeting room is responsible for any damage to the room or the library’s furniture or equipment that may occur during their use. Costs will be billed to the person signing the reservation form.


Rooms (listed from largest capacity to smallest):


Matthias M. Hoffman Community Meeting Room

  • Seats 107 people auditorium style or 50 people conference style.
  • The room may be reserved during times that the Library is open or gatherings may begin before or continue after the Library is closed. However, the majority of the meeting should take place during hours the Library is open. 
  • Any set-up and clean-up must be accomplished within the reserved time period.
  • Furniture should be left in the arrangement in which it was found unless other arrangements are made in advance with library staff. 
  • Groups may use the kitchenette facilities but will need to furnish their own supplies such as eating utensils, coffee, sugar, towels, etc. Library supplies may not be used by groups using the room.
  • Meals or light refreshments may be served in the meeting room; however, preparation of the food may not be done at the library.
  • Broken or damaged materials must be replaced to the satisfaction of the Library. Should damage fees be assessed, they must be paid before using the Hoffman Community Room again.


The following items of equipment may be available for use in the room and arrangements for use of specific items should be made at the time the reservation is placed:

  1. Portable microphone
  2. Marker and white board
  3. Podium
  5. Projection screen
  6. Microwave
  7. Coffee pot
  8. Laptop
  9. Popcorn popper
  10. Cricut machine
  11. Robots and accessories
  12. STEAM cart and supplies
  13. Film/slide converter
  14. Drill and accessories,
  15. Dremel and accessories
  16. Toaster oven


Multipurpose Program Room

  • This room seats 10 to 12 people around the conference table.
  • This room is available for use during library hours only. 
  • Refreshments will be allowed in this room ONLY if there is adult supervision, with refreshments to be kept on the tables and not near any of the equipment.
  • Window shades should remain partially open at all times unless specific permission to close them has been given by library staff.
  • Children will be allowed to use this room at the librarian’s discretion.
  • This room includes the following equipment:
    • A wall mounted television screen
    • DVD/Blu-ray Player
    • WiiU gaming console
    • Gaming cart with a television and Xbox 360 gaming console

Iowa History and Genealogy Room

This room holds the library’s Iowa History and Genealogy Collection, microfilm reader printer and related equipment; oversized books from the adult nonfiction collection, and the library’s literature (Dewey 800s) collection. The room is intended for general public use or quiet study but can be used for meetings when alternate space is not available. This space is not private as people may be using the collection, other area of seating, or may walk through to city hall. 

  • The large side of the room has tables and chairs for seating of up to 15 people. One additional small table and chairs (seating up to 6 people) may be added to this space if needed.
  • The small side of the room has seating for up to 6 people.
  • This room is available for use during library hours only. 
  • All use is on a walk-in basis by individuals.
  • Children will be allowed to use this space at the librarian’s discretion.


Creation Station (Active Learning Smart Space)

This area of the library is primarily intended for use by individuals and groups using the active learning equipment or supplies, attending programming in this space, or using the general seating when space is not in use for programming. This space is not private as people may be using the collection or other areas of seating. 

  • This space will seat up to 20 persons around tables in various configurations.
  • This space is available for use during library hours only. 
  • Groups may reserve this area for group activities that include using the active learning collection, equipment and/or materials.
  • Individuals or groups wishing to use any of the equipment or supplies in the Creation Station must become Certified Learners before they are able to use the items outside of a library supervised program.  Please see the Creation Station page for more information on becoming a Certified Learner. 
  • Due to the nature of the equipment and tools in the Creation Station, children under the age of 10 wishing to use any of the items located there must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or guardian 18 years or older who is a Certified Learner. 
  • Food and beverages are not allowed on tables when equipment is in use.


Study Room

  • This room seats 1- 4 persons around a table.
  • This room is available for use during library hours only.  
  • Children will be allowed to use this room at the librarian’s discretion.


How to reserve a room:


  1. Reservations may be done in person at the library, taken over the phone, or a Meeting Room Reservation form can be downloaded and emailed or faxed to the library.
    1. Note: Any reservations taken over the telephone require a signed Meeting Room Reservation form to be submitted to the Library within 3 days in order to confirm the reservation. If a reservation form is not signed within that time, the room will be considered open for use.
  2. Should it be necessary to cancel a meeting, notice should be given to the library as soon as possible.


If you are interested in reading the entire policy regarding use of a room, you can download and read it here.