Online Reference

Access most of these databases inside the library or from home.  If you want to access from home you may be asked to input the first 5 digits of your library card to gain access. 

Dyersville Commercial Newspaper Archives 1859-2021

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Project is supported by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program & Friends of the JKPL.

Foundation Directory

The Foundation Directory is a research tool to help libraries & nonprofits find grant-makers to fund their projects.

Brainfuse HelpNow

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Study help for students of all ages with a writing lab, skill building, test prep, diagnostic tests, & live on-line tutoring.

Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow

This database offers tools for job seekers. It also helps veterans navigate the VA system.

Digital Literacy

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Digital Literacy Skills & Strategies

People's Law Library of Iowa

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This website is an easy-to-understand, basic information website about the law.

Free Speech & Censorship

The history & evolution of "free speech" & the freedom of expression. Also of efforts to limit this right through censorship.

Civil Disobedience

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Civil disobedience is an important type of political dissent. Read essays about it here.

Conspiracy Theories

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Read about conspiracy theories throughout the years.

Worker's Rights & Wages

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Discusses how different kinds of work are valued within the U.S. economy & the beginnings of the labor movement

AtoZ World Food

AtoZ World Food is the only database that covers food culture and recipes for 174 countries of the world.

AtoZ World Culture

Curious about the world? AtoZ World Culture has info. about world history, cultures, languages, foods, religions, & more.

Global Road Warrior

GRW is the world’s most extensive country-by-country resource for learning about culture, customs, & history.

Magill’s Medical Guide, 9th Edition

Covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, biology, and issues in an easy-to-use A-Z format.

Pandemics: The Invisible Enemy

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Dementia Handbook & Resource Guide

This comprehensive work offers details on 23 different types of dementia as well as discussions about treatment & outcomes.

Diabetes Handbook & Resource Guide

This resource provides easy-to-understand & helpful information about diabetes & connects readers to sources of support.

Cardiovascular Disease Handbook and Resource Guide

This comprehensive work offers details on 32 types of cardiovascular disease, prevention, treatment & outcomes.

Autoimmune Diseases Handbook & Resource Guide

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This resource provides easy-to-understand & helpful information about autoimmune disorders & sources of support.

Nutrition, Obesity & Eating Disorders Handbook & Resource Guide

This volume combines valuable educational material with up-to-date resources on nutrition, obesity, and eating disorders.

Encyclopedia of the Continental Congress


Encyclopedia of American Immigration

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This Is Who We Were series

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Working Americans series

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The Value of a Dollar, 1860–2014

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Records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased from the Civil War to the present.