World War I Belgian Relief Flour Sacks

2022-11-22 14:43:46

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum's entire collection of decorated Belgian Relief flour sacks from World War I is the subject of this month’s Third Thursday series. This presentation is live but a recording will be shown at 6pm. 

The flour sacks were subjected to a close examination in June 2022. The researchers studied every detail and counted 360 items in this unique collection of American and Canadian flour sacks decorated by Belgian schoolgirls, women and artists. Come hear about what they found! They’ll reveal the identity of the Belgian schoolgirls who painted and embroidered the sacks and special attention will be given to paintings of emerging, now famous, Belgian artists and exquisite embroideries.

This live and recorded remote presentation is part of the Third Thursday series presented by the Hoover Presidential Library. Registration is required to receive the link so please register at:  Please note the new program time. As this program will include a live presentation from The Netherlands, we've adjusted the program to 12 Noon Central Time. We will replay the recorded program at 6:00 pm that evening for our regular evening audience.