A Woman of Achievement: Stories from the Life of Lou Henry Hoover

2021-02-19 16:04:11

The JKPL has partnered with the Hoover Presidential Library to present their 3rd Thursday Virtual Programs! Join us this month as author and historian Annette Dunlap shares stories from the life of First Lady Lou Henry Hoover. Before she was First Lady, Mrs. Hoover helped start a hospital for wounded British soldiers during World War I and she was instrumental in establishing sewing factories to employ women whose men had gone off to war. As First Lady, Lou worked privately to find employment opportunities for individuals and hurting communities, while at the same time raising Americans’ awareness of the historical value of the White House and the importance of the arts. Come learn about the achievements of a first lady whose legacy has been largely forgotten, but whose impact can still be felt today. Advance registration for the program is required so please register at http://bit.ly/ThirdThursdayDunlap.