The 2021 Summer Reading Programs for all ages has the theme of Reading Colors Your World. All three programs are using READsquared for registration and to track progress at dyersvillelibrary.readsquared.com.  You can use the website or download the app. Paper forms will also be available for those that prefer them.



Children (June 14—July 31):

This program is for children up through 5th grade. We’ve lined up fun activities, crafts, and story times that reflect the theme.  Registration begins June 14. Sponsored by  the Friends of the James Kennedy Public Library.

  • Kids age 3+ will receive a book bag, free book, and other goodies, including a ball chain or keychain at registration.
  • Kids will then keep track of how many minutes they read and earn beads and brag tags to add to their chains. Download the reading log here.
  • Kids can also earn beads and brag tags by attending live library events, viewing virtual programs, or completing take-and-make kits. Download the events flyer here.
  • For every 12 hours a participant reads they will earn another brag tag and entry into the grand prize drawing. Also, for every 20 minutes read kids may add a sticker to our fun collaborative mosaic poster.
  • Children under age 3 will receive a page of fun brain-building activities at registration along with a free book. Once they complete all the activities they will receive a goody bag and an entry into the grand prize drawing. Download the activities page here.
  • Online registrants will need to pick up their Summer Reading Bag at the library, either in person or via curbside delivery.


Included in the children’s summer reading registration packet are three sheets for three events over the course of the summer reading program.  Turn in your completed sheets and each one will earn a bead and the opportunity to add a sticker to the collaborative poster. All ages welcome. 

1. Color Scavenger Hunt (June 14-30):  Take your color swatch sheet (which can be downloaded here) and search the library stacks to find books in the children’s area that match the swatches. You may work together as a family to find all the colors.

2. Color Your Plate with Fruits and Vegetables (June 14-July 25): Check out the library’s Facebook page or YouTube channel for a video from Miss Kim on coloring your plate with fruits and vegetables. Then use the Color Your Plate page (which can be downloaded here) to collect all the stickers from the fresh produce you eat.

3. Rainbow Nature Hunt (July 1-25): Explore outdoors and find items in nature that match the colors on the Rainbow Nature Hunt page (which can be downloaded here). Tape or glue the item next to the matching circle. Is it alive, too big, or on someone else’s property and you can’t glue it down? Just draw it, or write the name of the item next to the appropriate circle.



Teen (June 14—July 31):

This program is for everyone that has completed 6th-12th grade. Registration begins June 14. There is an independent reading portion of the program plus special events that relate to the program theme. This year, all special events will be held virtually or outdoors where we can be socially distanced.

  • Teens will pick an alias to use for this program and will receive a free book at registration.
  • Teens can read whatever books or graphic novels they choose and fill out a short review about each item they read. Review forms can be downloaded here or picked up at the library.
  • Each review submitted earns one chance to win prizes at the end of the reading program.  12 chances max!
  • For every 3 reviews submitted, earn another free book. 
  • Submit at least 3 reviews to be entered into the grand prize drawing and be able to attend the program finale. 


Adult (June 1—August 31):

This program is for everyone 18 and older. Registration begins on June 1 and adults are welcome to join throughout the summer. Due to COVID-19, in person programs in the library will not be offered; however, the library is planning virtual programs, Take-and-Make activities, and may offer some outdoor events.  The adult summer library program is sponsored by the Friends of the James Kennedy Public Library.  Download the informational brochure here.

  • Participants will receive a bookbag, bookmark, and a free book just for registering.
  • Using the app (or paper log), participants will keep track of books read and activities completed to earn prizes. Paper logs can be downloaded here or picked up at the library.
  • For each item completed, the participant’s name will be entered into the prize drawing. 
  • Participants completing four items will receive a themed keychain or luggage tag, those completing 8 items may select a themed mood pen or highlighter and sticky notes, and those completing 12 items will be able to select an item for a prize box. Participants are always welcome to select a book instead of the regular prize.
  • Participants completing at least 16 activities, which must include reading at least 4 books will have completed the program.  They will earn a special prize and have their name entered into the grand prize drawing for the Book Lover’s Basket and other prizes.