Ready – Set – Grow: How different seeds sprout

2021-02-19 16:02:14

Think all seeds emerge from the ground the same?  Think again! In this activity you will see two different ways seeds emerge from the soil.  By understanding these emergence concepts, you can better understand which crops are more sensitive to damage when sprouting. Watch the pre-recorded video by Ray Kruse, program coordinator with the Dubuque County Extension Office and pick up your kit at the library.  The video will be posted on the JKPL Facebook page and YouTube channel. The accompanying take-and-make kit will include sample cups, potting mix, along with bean, sweet corn, and pea seeds. Kits are intended for learning, but plants could be planted in your outdoor garden once weather permits - with the understanding they are unlikely to produce much as there are so few seeds in the kit. Kits available while supplies last.