Jumpstart Your Creativity with Mary Potter Kenyon

2021-06-23 19:13:37

You’ve set aside time for creativity, but when you try to get started you get stuck. What can you do to jumpstart your creativity? Join author Mary Potter Kenyon live on Zoom as she walks attendees through a series of creativity exercises that will get those imagination gears oiled up and ready to roar to life.

  • Register at https://bit.ly/MPKJumpstartCreativity by 5 pm on July 28 to receive a link to the Zoom room.
  • A kit of materials for this class, and her June 14 class, is available for each registrant and must be picked up before the class.
  • The kit includes materials for both classes: a notepad and "magic pencil”, a packet of handouts, Sharpie markers, and twistable crayons. 
  • Kits will be available to pick up starting July 2.
  • Note: Mary is creating one packet of materials for both classes, but you are welcome to attend one or both classes.
  • Barring technical difficulties, this program will be recorded and available to view for 3o days on the JKPL Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.