JanFanCon: Tips and Tricks for D&D Dungeon Masters

2021-12-23 11:56:23

Ever wanted to try out Dungeons and Dragons, but don’t know where to start? Join us for this virtual session as we walk you through the basics of being a dungeon master and running your own game

Learn about what supplies are needed, how to create your own story, along with some Do’s and Don’ts. Registration is required at bit.ly/DNDungeonmaster to receive the link to this session. This program will be recorded and put on the JKPL Facebook page and YouTube channel.


This program is part of JanFanCon. JanFanCon is a celebration of all things fandom during the month of January. From anime, comics, and Harry Potter to Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, and more! Dubuque County libraries and businesses have come together to bring you a variety of events and programs which will be held throughout the month at the participating libraries and businesses.  The JKPL will be hosting 4 of these events!  For a full schedule of events please visit: https://carnegiestout.org/janfancon2022