Great Give Day

2022-04-22 15:33:08

Great Give Day is a day focused on donating to causes or establishments within your community. Looking to support the James Kennedy Public Library? Then consider donating to the James Kennedy Public Library Endowment!

The JKPL Endowment fund, through your charitable contributions, ensures the library will continue to provide these services for years to come. The JKPL Endowment was established in 2019 by Alan Bird. His donation was made in memory of his mother, Irma Bird, a founding member of the original Library Board. Started 60 years after the founding of the library, the Endowment will insure the library’s ability to remain dedicated to its original mission and continue to serve the community needs.  Want more information? Check out the Endowment Fund’s Facebook page at:  Want to donate? Visit the following link: