Dubuque County Hands-On and At-Home Horticultural Program Series #2

2020-08-24 13:33:52

The Dubuque County ISU Extension and Outreach Office has created an educational Hands-On and At-Home Horticulture Series and is partnering with the James Kennedy Public Library to bring these activities to you.  This three-part series includes an educational kit for each activity that can be completed from the safety of your home at the direction of a YouTube video.  Each kit in the series can be picked up from the JKPL on the available date.  All kits need to be picked up within 24 hours of the release date as they contain live plant material. All activities require pre-registration.  These kits are designed for adults but should be appropriate for those in high school. Children in 4th to 8th grade should be able to complete the kits and  understand the concepts with parental help. 

This session will help introduce you to the many plant reproduction techniques that the horticulture industry uses to reproduce the plants we find in the garden center. This kit will also cover some of the special processes used to get seeds to sprout and why some of your most troublesome weeds reproduce so easily.  Registration deadline is September 17.