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Minutes 5-13-09

James Kennedy Public Library
Board of Trustees
Minutes of the May 13, 2009, Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the James Kennedy Public Library was held on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, in the Hoffman Community Room. Present: Angela English, Dan Boice, Dorothy Digmann, Barb Heitzman, Brenda Ingles, Karen Knepper, Becky Schwendinger, and Library Director Shirley Vonderhaar. Sally Brant and Joyce Bries were absent.

1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Board President Angela English.

2.    Agenda: Becky MOVED “Approval of the Agenda as posted,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Not present: Brant, Bries.

3.    Agenda Consent Calendar:
•    Minutes of the April 8th Regular Meeting: Corrected for the date of the meeting and the spelling of Brian Osterhaus’ name.

•    Correspondence & Communications: The American Library Association sent notice that a new organization is forming for trustees, friends, and associates.
Sister Selma had submitted her letter of resignation, effective July 1.
Mr & Mrs Layton Zbornik had written with thanks for recent hospitality.

•    February Librarian’s Report: Since this was the month when the computer crashed, Shirley had needed to extrapolate some of the data from the second half of the month.
•    March Librarian’s Report
•    April Librarian’s Report: The Board noted the large increase in usage.

•    Bills:
April Claims Report
General Library Claims for May
April/May Credit Card Claims

•    Budget Reports:
April City Report
April Library Report

•    Trust Account Reports:
April Bank Statement
April Balance Report
Trust Account Expenditure Report

•    Program Reports
April Report on Programs & Attendance
May Calendar of Events:
Schedule for Upcoming Programs: Shirley noted that Joe Ertl will begin teaching a series of eight classes on playing bridge.

•    Grants: No report.

•    Friends of the Library: No report.

Dorothy MOVED “Approval of the Agenda Consent items,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Not present: Brant, Bries.

4.    Finance Committee: Angela reported on her presentation of the Library Capital Request and the approval by the City Council

5.    Personnel Committee: With Sister Selma’s resignation, Diana will be working twenty hours per week. Shirley will advertise for the six- to eight-hour position that Diana will be leaving vacant later this summer.

6.     Furnishings Committee: Becky reported that the gutters had been installed. One of the Beth Bird prints had been hung, and the other soon will be. The Committee will keep an eye open for additional local art.

7.     Policy Committee: No report.

8.    Strategic Planning: No report.

9.    Marketing Committee:
50th Anniversary Wine Tasting: Brenda reported that the event had been very successful and had generated almost $800 in profit. The Board noted the hard work by Brenda and her family. The Committee is considering making the Wine Tasting an annual event, noting that future events will require more time for preparation.
Another project to note the 50th anniversary is painting chairs with themes from books and then auctioning the chairs.
The Committee will be taking up items from the Strategic Plan.
10.    Meetings and Training:
Recently Attended: Becky and Dorothy had enjoyed an ICN session on evaluation of the director.
Shirley had attended a presentation called “Please Blow Up This Reference Desk” and found it useful.

11.    Oral Presentations: Paul Zurawski spoke of his plans for upcoming games, including setting up a summer Wii bowling “league,” and a Rock Band competition.

12.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, at 6:45pm.

13.    Karen’s motion to adjourn was seconded and CARRIED at 7:26pm.

Daniel Boice, Secretary