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Minutes 2-11-09

James Kennedy Public Library
Board of Trustees
Minutes of the February 11, 2009, Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the James Kennedy Public Library was held on Wednesday, February 11, 2009, in the Hoffman Community Room. Present: Angela English, Dan Boice, Sally Brant, Joyce Bries, Dorothy Digmann, Barb Heitzman, Brenda Ingles, Karen Knepper, and Becky Schwendinger. Barb Heitzman was absent.

1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Board President Angela English.

2.    Agenda: Becky MOVED “Approval of the Agenda as posted,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Digmann, English, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Absent: Heitzman.

3.    Agenda Consent Calendar:
•    Minutes of the January 14th Regular Meeting: Amended to show that Dorothy had made the motion to approve the agenda.

•    Correspondence & Communications: The editor of Library Journal had written to convey that the JKPL had not been judged “Best Small Library” for the year. There was also an anonymous card of thanks for Library programming.

•    January Librarian’s Report: Shirley noted that use continues to be up, especially with computers and the early literacy stations.

•    Bills:
January Claims Report
General Library Claims for February
January/February Credit Card Claims

•    Budget Reports:
January City Report
January Library Report

•    Trust Account Reports:
January Bank Statement
January Balance Report
Trust Account Expenditure Report

•    January Gifts to Library Trust Account

Donation:    $30.00
From:        Joyce Bries
Restrictions:    Adopt-a-book program

Angela expressed the Board’s thanks to Joyce for her generosity.

•    Program Reports
January Report on Programs & Attendance: Board members noted how widely Library activities were publicized.
February Calendar of Events: Shirley noted that ten young people had participated in the first Youth Advisory meeting, and she would have more details at the next meeting.
Board members discussed if and/or how Library staff should enforce age restrictions for films rated R. Board members felt that if the staff were to require parents to be present or to mandate parental permission, parents might assume that the staff were policing attendance, and there was no way the staff could guarantee that no one would slip past. Board members offered ideas but no mandate to change or improve current practice. Ultimate responsibility, as always, lies with the parents. There was consensus that the staff should continue current practice, perhaps more clearly posting movie ratings or reminding the audience prior to the show.
Schedule for Upcoming Programs

•    Grants: Shirley reported that she had been working on a DRA grant application, on behalf of the Friends, in order to expand the Library’s DVD collection to include television series. Circulation of those series held by the Library has always been high.

•    Friends of the Library: No report.

Sally MOVED “Approval of the Agenda Consent items,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Digmann, English, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Absent: Heitzman.

4.    Finance Committee: Board members praised Angela’s presentation to the City Council on February 2.

5.    Personnel Committee: No report.

6.     Furnishings Committee: The Board discussed several concerns:
The picture has been finished. Delivery and payment will be settled soon.
    Leaks over the entrance way remain a concern. All the builders that have studied the problem have recommended gutters, and there was strong consensus among Board members to install gutters as quickly as practicable.
    A free-standing wall on the west side of the building has begun to tilt.
    The clock from the back wall is being repaired.
    Robert Eick believes that the Library’s router is failing. The Board recommended its quick replacement by a good router.

7.     Policy Committee: No report.

8.    Strategic Planning: Dan reported that Shirley was leading the staff in planning activities, and the Board should have a draft revision of the plan for the March meeting. He hopes to do another planning process in the Fall of this year.

9.    Marketing Committee: The Board discussed preparations for the celebration of the Library’s 50th Anniversary. The Committee is planning a wine-tasting celebration on the evening of Saturday, April 18th. Four wineries have agreed to participate, and the Board was enthusiastic in its support of the concept. Cost for the commemorative glasses should be under $1,000, and the ticket cost should be $20.00. Brenda and Angela have been assured that insurance coverage is adequate.
    On behalf of the Committee, Brenda MOVED “That Item #12 of the Matthias M. Hoffman Community Meeting Room Policy (5.E.1), which prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages, be excepted for the April 18th, 2009, event.” The motion CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Digmann, English, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Absent: Heitzman.
Brenda also reported that Tim Cahill has been in contact with Amy, and will soon have a new logo for the Library.

11.    Meetings and Training:
Upcoming:  The online series of Trustee sessions is being recorded.

Recently Attended:

12.    Oral Presentations: Paul discussed his plans for a Wii Tennis Tournament.
Dan noted that the State Library’s budget will be cut along with all other state agencies, but that because of last year’s support for the library, the governor and the legislature are all very cognizant of Iowa’s libraries.
The Library is instituting a new program for homebound residents.
13.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11, at 6:45pm.

14.    Joyce’s motion to adjourn was seconded and CARRIED at 7:52pm. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Digmann, English, Ingles, Knepper, Schwendinger; Nays: None; Absent: Heitzman.

Daniel Boice, Secretary