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February 13, 2008

James Kennedy Library
Board of Trustees
Minutes of the February 13, 2008, Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the James Kennedy Public Library was held on Wednesday, February 13, 2008, in the Hoffman Community Room. Present: Angela English, Dan Boice, Dorothy Digmann, Barb Heitzman, Brenda Ingles, Karen Knepper, Becky Schwendinger, and Library Director Shirley Vonderhaar. Sally Brant and Betty Anne Scherrman were absent.

1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Board President Angela English.

2.    Agenda:  Barb MOVED “Approval of the Agenda as distributed,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: English, Boice, Digmann, Heitzman, Knepper, and Schwendinger; Nays: None; Not present: Brant, Ingles, and Scherrman.

3.    Agenda Consent Calendar:
•    Minutes of the January 9th Regular Meeting
•    Correspondence & Communications: None.
•    Librarian’s Report for January: Funds from the State Library came in, and usage of both the computers and Hoffman Room is up substantially.

•    Bills:
January Claims Report
General Library Claims for February: Shirley reported that she had looked into sharing a postage meter with City Hall, but that it was far more economical to go with a meter in the Library. Accordingly, we have signed a 48-month contract at $27.00, and have purchased postage.
February Credit Card Claims

•    Budget Reports:
January City Report
January Library Report

•    Trust Account Reports:
January Bank Statement
January Balance Report
Trust Account Expenditure Report

•    January Gifts to the Library Trust Account:

Donation:            $20.00
In Honor of:              Mercedes Singsank
From:                Brian & Laura Kennedy
    Restrictions:            Donation for specific titles
Donation:            $50.00
In Memory of:              NA
From:                Dr. Mary O’Connell
Restrictions:            Adopt-a-book for audio books

Donation:            $154.10
In Memory of:              NA
From:                Brenda Ingles
Restrictions:            Adopt-a-book for specific titles

Donation:            $30.97
In Memory of:              NA
From:                Lisa Gaylor
Restrictions:            Adopt-a-book for specific titles

Donation:            $35.00
In Memory of:              NA
From:                Dyersville Federated Woman’s Club
Restrictions:            Donation for Christmas Craft activities

Donation:            $77.00
In Memory of:              Florian Timmer
From:                Administrative Offices of the Nicholson
                        Memorial Library System
Restrictions:            Adopt-a-book for specific title

    Angela expressed thanks, on behalf of the Board, to the donors for their generous gifts.

•    Contract Use Reports
Statistics by Residence Area:
Statistics by Contract / Service Area: Usage by Dyersville residents continues to be strong.

•    Program Reports
January Report on Programs & Attendance
February Calendar of Events
Schedule for Upcoming Programs:

•    Grants: Shirley will be writing a DRA grant, on behalf of the Friends, for two Early Literacy Stations, which include educational programs for children, at a cost of $5,000. These could replace two public access computers in the Children’s Area.

•    Friends of the Library: The Friends sent out more than 2500 membership forms, and have agreed to provide speakers fees for the “Little Salsa on the Prairie” film screening.

 Karen MOVED “Approval of the Agenda Consent items, which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, and Schwendinger; Nays: none; Absent: Brant, Scherrman.

4.    Finance Committee: Angela made the presentation of our budget to the City Council, and had heard that our request would be fully funded. Marc Casey has been drafting rules that would move the Kennedy funds to a restricted Library account.

5.    Personnel Committee: Shirley reported having hired two new circulation clerks, Jo Amunson and Brooke Pasker, and noted that they seemed to be adapting well.

6.     Furnishings Committee: No report.

7.    Policy Committee: No report.

8.    Strategic Planning: Dan noted that the Committee had distributed a revised three-year plan, based on several things: many items from last year’s plan had been accomplished, but some remained to be worked on; Shirley had suggested additional goals, based on staff input as well as ideas that Shirley had picked up from conferences and other conversations with colleagues. Along with the proposed plan, a memorandum noted completed goals from the previous plan, goals that had been rescheduled, goals that had become part of routine operations and job descriptions, and new goals. Since Board members had not had much time to study the plan, Dan proposed that the Board act on approving this at the March meeting.

9.    Marketing Committee: No report.

10.    Meetings and Training:
Recently Attended: Shirley is on the Local Arrangements Committee for the ILA Conference in Dubuque in October. Some Board members discussed putting together a basket of local items for the conference. The Marketing Committee volunteered to handle this.

11.    Oral Presentations: The Board discussed Governor Culver’s proposed 18% cut to the State Library budget. Representative Lukan and Senator Hancock have both stated their strong opposition to this cut. Angela will speak to Mary Ungs Sogaard about the possibility of an editorial, and all Board members were urged to contact our legislators and the Governor’s office to protest the proposed cut.
12.    The next regular meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, March 12th, at 6:45pm.

13.    Dorothy’s motion to adjourn was seconded and CARRIED at 7:18pm. Ayes: Boice, Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, and Schwendinger; Nays: none; Absent: Brant, Scherrman.

Daniel Boice, Secretary