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January 9, 2008

James Kennedy Library
Board of Trustees
Minutes of the January 9, 2008, Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the James Kennedy Public Library was held on Wednesday, January 9, 2008, in the Hoffman Community Room. Present: Angela English, Dan Boice, Sally Brant, Dorothy Digmann, Barb Heitzman, Brenda Ingles, Karen Knepper, Betty Anne Scherrman, Becky Schwendinger, and Library Director Shirley Vonderhaar.

1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Board President Angela English, who welcomed Gar Kramer and Molly Evers, the recently appointed liaisons from the City Council.

2.    Agenda:  Betty Anne MOVED “Approval of the Agenda as distributed,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: English, Boice, Digmann, Heitzman, Ingles, and Scherrman; Nays: None; Not present: Brant, Knepper, and Schwendinger.

3.    Agenda Consent Calendar:
•    Minutes of the December 12th Regular Meeting
•    Correspondence & Communications: None.
•    Librarian’s Report for November

•    Bills:
December Claims Report
General Library Claims for January: Shirley explained how a postage meter would increase efficiency, considering new postal regulations and the large number of packages that the Library sends. The City had found too problematic trying to keep record of costs for both operations with their meter. Shirley said that we could sign a 48-month contract for $27.00 per month with Pitney-Bowes. Members of the Board wondered if there were postage meters that could record usage by departments and, if so, if the City would consider upgrading their meter, which could save money for both of us. Shirley will research this and report back to the Board in February.

January Credit Card Claims

•    Budget Reports:
November City Report (revised): Tricia is still trying to resolve some discrepancies.
December City Report
December Library Report

•    Trust Account Reports:
December Bank Statement
December Balance Report
Trust Account Expenditure Report

Donation:    From:        Shirley Vonderhaar
            Donation:    $4.95
            Fund:        Library Trust Account
            Restriction:    Adopt-a-book for specific titles

    Angela expressed thanks, on behalf of the Board, to Shirley for this gift.

•    Contract Use Reports
Statistics by Residence Area: Angela reported that Graf has signed a contract with the County Agency.
Statistics by Contract / Service Area

•    Program Reports
December Report on Programs & Attendance
January Calendar of Events
Schedule for Upcoming Programs: Shirley noted that programming for The Big Read is happening quickly, and would be kicking off on the 13th at the Carnegie-Stout Library. The JKPL has 100 copies of Maltese Falcon for interested readers.

•    Grants: No report.
•    Friends of the Library: No report.
•    Trustee Schedule for City Council Meetings: Angela distributed the schedule for attendance at City Council meetings, and asked members to continue to be faithful in their presence.

 Barb MOVED “Approval of the Agenda Consent items, which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, and Scherrman; Nays: none; Absent: Knepper and Schwendinger.

4.    In Service to Iowa: Public Library Measures of Quality: Shirley distributed the copy of the report to the State Library, which is necessary for accreditation. Policies that still needed review had been discussed by the Policy Committee and would be addressed later at this meeting. Because of our work on the 2004 Planning for Results, we had completed a Community Analysis which met the requirements.
    There was discussion about item 24, as to whether “Library employees have salaries, hours, and benefits comparable with other community positions requiring similar educational preparation and job assignments. After discussion, noting that in some circumstances we probably do, the consensus was to not indicate that we met this criterion.
    There was further discussion of service for daycare, perhaps in conjunction with the Regional Transit. Shirley will incorporate this into the long-range plan.
    The next accreditation report will be due in three years.

5.    Date of February Meeting: The Board agreed to keep the date as February 13th, and that members could come early to review materials.

6.    Finance Committee: Angela was working on the Library’s presentation to the City Council, slated for January 21.

7.    Personnel Committee: Shirley had received nine applications for the two positions and hoped to interview soon, but indicated that filling daytime hours might be a challenge.

8.     Furnishings Committee: The Board was updated on roof leakage. The previously identified leaks seem to have been fixed, but new leaks have appeared, and these were probably the result of ice under the shingles. Two smoke detectors had got water into them, and had been disconnected. We need to find preventive measures in order to reconnect the detectors as well as to preserve our ceiling and light fixtures. Shirley will work to set up a meeting with the architect and interested others so that we can start to resolve this ongoing problem.

9.    Policy Committee: The Committee had reviewed but not revised Policies 1.C.4 (Trustees), 1.A.3 (Examination of Public Records), 1.C.3 (Citizen Input), 3.E (Service Hours), 3.C.2 (Circulation of A/V), 3.F (Reference Work), 3.G (Non-Library Use of Librarian Expertise), and 5.B (Materials Access) . The Committee was suggesting revisions to Policies 3.D (Financial Operations), 3.C.1 (Circulation of CD-ROMs), 5.C (Displays), 5.E.3 (Multimedia Use), 5.F (Emergency Procedures), and 5.G (Parking). After the Board had reviewed these changes, Barb MOVED, on behalf of the Committee, “That the Board approve revisions to the policies as recommended .” The motion CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, Scherrman, and Schwendinger; Nays: none.

10.    Strategic Planning: Dan promised a report for the next meeting.

11.    Marketing Committee: No report.

12.    Meetings and Training:
Upcoming:  Shirley noted an upcoming ICN presentation for the All Iowa Reads title, and asked interested Board members to contact her immediately. There is also an upcoming online conference presented by the Iowa Small Library Association, including a workshop on Social Networking, that several staff members plan to attend.
Recently Attended: None.

13.    Oral Presentations: Angela assured the City Council Liaisons that we would welcome their input at any time during meetings. On behalf of the Board, Angela thanked Ray Sauser and Dan Willenborg for their faithful attendance at our meetings.
    Shirley noted that there are three boxes of Halbach’s Dyersville: Its History & Its People still available for sale. Perhaps these will be described in an upcoming column for the Commercial.
14.    The next regular meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th, at 6:45pm.

15.    Barb’s motion to adjourn was seconded and CARRIED at 7:47pm. Ayes: Boice, Brant Digmann, English, Heitzman, Ingles, Knepper, Scherrman, and Schwendinger; Nays: none.

Daniel Boice, Secretary