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Minutes 10-14-09

James Kennedy Public Library
Board of Trustees
Minutes of the October 14, 2009, Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the James Kennedy Public Library was held on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, in the Hoffman Community Room. Present: Dan Boice, Sally Brant, Joyce Bries, Barb Heitzman, Becky Schwendinger, Karen Knepper and Library Director Shirley Vonderhaar.  Dorothy Digmann was absent.

1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm by Board President Dan Boice.

2.    Agenda:  Dan requested that Agenda Item 8, Facility and Furnishings Committee Report, be moved to the end of the meeting when Becky and Molly (City Council Representative) might be in attendance.  Angela MOVED “Approval of the Agenda with the requested change,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Heitzman, English, Ingles, Knepper. Nays: None.  Not present: Schwendinger, Digmann.

3.    Agenda Consent Calendar:
•    Minutes of the September 16, 2009 Regular Meeting

•    Correspondence & Communications: Dan had received a note from Dorothy Digmann resigning from the Board effective immediately.  Karen MOVED “That the Board accept the resignation with regret” which motion was seconded and CARRIED.  Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Heitzman, English, Ingles, Knepper. Nays: None.  Not present: Schwendinger, Digmann.  Shirley was directed to pass this information on to the city so that Mayor could proceed with appointing someone to fill the vacated term.

•    September Librarian’s Report: Shirley noted the significant decrease in circulation and there was some discussion regarding potential reasons for the change.  Angela also noted an error in the number for the library visits previous year to date.  Shirley indicated that the correct number was likely the first 5 digits (23,179) but she would verify and correct for the files.

•    Bills:
September Claims Report
General Library Claims for October
September / October Credit Card Claims

•    Budget Reports:  Angela noted that the formula for the Maintenance line item must be off.  She and Shirley will review and correct.
September City Report
      September Library Report: 

•    Trust Account Reports:
September Bank Statement
September Balance Report
Trust Account Expenditure Report
           August Donations to the Library Trust Account

From:                    Brenda Ingles
Gift:                    $100.00
Restrictions:                Adopt-a-book for specific titles

From:                    Lifeline Screening
Gift:                    $50.00
Restrictions:                Donation for meeting room use

From:                    Proceeds from High Strung event
Gift:                    $599.50
Restrictions:                For High Strung event expenses

From:                    Wine glass sales
Gift:                    $80.00
Restrictions:                DVD collection

From:                    Proceeds from High Strung event / TACKL
Donation:                $88.50
Restrictions:                TACKL sponsored activities

The board expressed their thanks for all the donations.

•    Program Reports
September Report on Programs & Attendance
October Calendar of events:  Shirley noted that the TACKL group had suggested that the library sponsor a scary movie marathon for teens on October 30th.  She wondered if the Board felt it would be necessary to require parental permission slips for this after hours events as it was for teens 13 and older only.  Consensus of the board was that permission slips would not be needed.
Schedule for upcoming programs

•    Grants: Nothing to report.

•    Friends of the Library: Shirley reported that the Friends sold 323 tickets to the Taste of the Midwest and estimated profits at $1,700.00.  They are planning the January Used Book Sale for January 15 – 18 and will be starting their membership drive in early January.  They agreed to fund “Just Voices”, the musical group that will be performing as part of the Senior Advisory Groups Old Fashioned Christmas program.   The next Friends meeting will be Monday, December 7 at 10:00 am.

Karen MOVED “Approval of the Agenda Consent items,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Heitzman, English, Ingles, Knepper. Nays: None.  Not present: Schwendinger, Digmann. 

4.    Approval of NEILSA E-rate Consortium: Joyce MOVED “That the Library continue to participate in the NEILSA E-Rate Consortium, and that the Board authorize Shirley to sign the contract,” which motion was seconded and CARRIED. Ayes: Boice, Brant, Bries, Heitzman, English, Ingles, Knepper. Nays: None.  Not present: Schwendinger, Digmann. 

5.    2009 Iowa Public Library General Information Survey:  Dan noted that the survey had been changed somewhat from previous years.

6.    JKPL Annual Report: Shirley commented that the report was in progress and that she would like to have the Marketing committee work with her to determine what information could / should be removed to reduce the size.  The report should be ready for dissemination at the next meeting.

7.    Personnel Committee Report: No Report

8.    Policy Committee: Distributed bylaws for review.  They will be on the November agenda for approval.

9.    Strategic Planning: Dan distributed a preliminary list of goals and objectives that were developed based upon the planning meetings held with Board and Staff.  He asked that committees review these goals and email him with comments and suggestions.

10.    Marketing Committee: No report.

Becky Schwendinger arrived at 7:10 pm.
11.    Meetings and Training:
Upcoming: The State Library will be holding a meeting via the ICN on Open Meetings.  It is scheduled for November 10 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  Shirley will check to see if we can have Beckman as a site.  ILA is next week.  Shirley, Dan and Betty Anne will be attending.  Kim was registered but has withdrawn due to health concerns.

Recently Attended:  Angela and Shirley attended the Dubuque County Public Library Agency meeting.  There is some concern that, when Asbury and Peosta officially become part of the Dubuque County Library, there will be limited benefits to staying part of the agency.  The Agency will look at changing the formula to reflect circulation only, as a way to mitigate the impact of this change. 

12.    Facility & Furnishings Committee Report:  Angela reported on the meeting with Mike Tucker (Gardner Architecture), Ron Baumler (IIW), Mick Michel, Betty Anne Scherrman, and Shirley Vonderhaar regarding the ongoing problem with leaks in the library roof.  Mick had asked Ron to be involved on behalf of the city as a third party who is knowledgeable in construction.  Ron is a structural engineer and an architect.  Ron and Mike examined the plans, the interior leaks, and went onto the roof.  Ron took numerous pictures and took the plans and spec book with him to study.  The expectation is that he will report back regarding what the problem is (or most likely is) and a recommendation on how to proceed.  He thought a week to 10 days would be a reasonable time frame so we should expect to hear back from him soon.  Dan appointed Angela to attend any future meetings with Ron Baumler, etc. and represent the Library as we work to address this issue.

13.    Oral Presentations: Dan reported that it is time for the annual evaluation of the Library Director.  In order to make this easier on everyone, he appointed a subcommittee to collect the evaluations submitted by all the Board members and meet with Shirley to discuss the results.  This committee is composed of Becky Schwendinger, Karen Knepper, and Dan Boice.  The evaluation forms were distributed and board members were asked get them back to him by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 23.

13.    Angela’s motion to adjourn was seconded and CARRIED at 7:55 p.m.

Brenda Ingles, Secretary