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April 13, 2011

Information for the April 13, 2011 board meeting
Minutes from the March 9, 2011 Library Board meeting
A draft of the minutes from the March 9, 2011 Library Board meeting.
Items related to the Agenda Consent Calendar
Board documents related to the items discussed under the Agenda Consent Calendar.
Agenda for the April 2011 Library Board Meeting
April 2011 Agenda and Cover Letter
This is the official agenda for the April 2011 meeting and the Cover Letter which is the Agenda with notes regarding the topics to be addressed
April 2011 Action Items
Information for the action items on the April 2011 Library Board meeting agenda.
Library Claims for April 2011
Calendar of Events for April 2011
Item 5 - Finance Committee FY12 Proposed Budget
FY12 Budget - revised based on the recommendations of the Personnel Committee
Item 5 - Wages spreadsheet for FY12
Proposed wages for FY12.
Item 10 - Strategic Plan for 2011 - 2014
Strategic plan for the James Kennedy Public Library for 2011 - 2014
Strategic Plan revisions and notes
Notes from Dan Boice on the changes to the Strategic Plan.
Item 6 - Furnishing Committee Report
Report from the Furnishing Committee meeting
Item 6 - Capital Appropriation Request
A request to appropriate funds from the library's capital account
Item 7 - Marketing Committee Report
Notes from the library Marketing Committee meeting.